This short note assertively addresses one false perception about those who are breaking all records in terms of the number of followers they have recorded on their Instagram profiles. These are the ‘enterprising’ folks who are collecting followers in their thousands, and there are many more Instagram visitors wondering just how it is that these platforms could be enjoying so much support. The truthful fact of the matter is that not all of the follower growth has been organic. While it does not take long, not more than a few months anyway, to cultivate an organic vegetable patch these days, it could very well take a lot longer to get real Instagram followers onto a given platform and then stay the course for a given period of time.

And unfortunately, in this day and age, and given that the social media environment has become that competitive, not many Instagram subscribers have that kind of time to cultivate the garden like an award-winning horticulturalist would. But it is well worth the effort. And do not let any leading entrepreneur or influencer on Instagram hear or read that you do not have the time. Because if he was that sort of person he would give you smack right across your face. Why would he do this? In this day and age? Well, maybe because he cares. But nine times out of ten, no-one really does care. That is the harsh reality.

It is not just that no one really cares, it is just that no one really has the time. And again, says who. Who says you have not got the time to cultivate your own followers? Who says you have no time to follower leading influencers? And you still do not have the time? Well, sorry to hear that, and goodbye then. As for the rest of the readers, the big shots have all said this time and time again, it matters not what kind of business you’re in, and maybe it is more so with Instagram and other social media platforms these days, if you have not got the time, well then, you’d best be making the time. Because that is how it rolls, folks.

One of the worst false fallacies about social media these days is that numbers game. The people want to know just how they got so many in such a short period of time, in a matter of hours in fact. Simple really, these famous and influential folks just went out and bought them. Yes, you read it correctly, no need to have your eyes tested, they went and bought their followers. And just because you are not rich and famous does not mean you can’t have your share of the lolly. Because you too can buy your own followers.

It could be okay if you are running short of time but if that is going to be the approach you are going to take, well then, you could be in a spot of bother.