Gatineau River Protection VICTORY!!
Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau

Roy Dupuis, le président de la Fondation Rivières announces his adoption of the Gatineau River

Aug 1, 2012 - Canadian Wildlife Federation Video Contest WINNER: - Official Submission from "Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau"

Read Roy Dupuis' letter of support to the Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau team: Click for letter

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The Gatineau River has fans all over the National Capital Region .. and apparently they love a good party. All money raised went to the legal team.

Be sure and ask the Candidates if they will make the health of the Gatineau River a top priority and put a halt to any project that would put effluent pipes in the river. Link to Printable One Page PDF with questions and contact info for candidates: Click Link to 4 page backgrounder of the […]

Tickets available through Buy Tickets $15 Also the Ottawa River Keeper will be speaking Background: The Gatineau River is one of the cleanest rivers in the National Capital area. Given the scarcity of potable water in the world generally, and the rarity of water as clean as that of the Gatineau River locally, we […]

2011 chronology of a resistance movement: Rally for the Gatineau River at the Black Sheep on March 12, 2011, attracting nearly 250 concerned citizens to hear representatives from Friends of the Gatineau, Ottawa River Keeper and others: Over 300 citizens attended the March 15, 2011 public consultation on the CIMA+ site selection report. […]

Links to three previously suppressed engineering reports commissioned by the MRC des Collines RE: processing septic sludge either within our MRC boundaries or in conjunction with the Ville de Gatineau NOTE: the executive summaries and conclusions were not made public by the Access to Information Judge. CLICK: BPR 2001 Report – MRC only septic sludge […]

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Link to English Public consultation #2 questions and answers Here’s an actual example of an insurance question submitted by an insurance broker followed by the ‘softened’ question and answer that the MRC asked themselves. Actual Question “A billion dollar class-action lawsuit was launched after the Walkerton tragedy, suing the employees, the PUC, the town of […]

These common ‘sludge plant friendly’ phrases keep circulating in the public so it’s time to write them down and critique them: 1. it has to go somewhere. problem: this doesn’t address the type of technology nor the disproportionately huge volumes of septic sludge trucked from 80 KM away nor the damages that will be done to […]