Gatineau River Protection VICTORY!!
Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau

Roy Dupuis, le président de la Fondation Rivières announces his adoption of the Gatineau River

Aug 1, 2012 - Canadian Wildlife Federation Video Contest WINNER: - Official Submission from "Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau"

Read Roy Dupuis' letter of support to the Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau team: Click for letter

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September 20, 2012 – river saved!!

Here are some kind words flowing in from campaign supporters:

way to go !! Epic!

Congratulations . Your big efforts paid off. It feels good to win for such a good cause: our Nature, our Health and for what’s right.

CHEERS!  Bravo et félicitations pour vos efforts!!!!!!!! Et merci !!!  :))

Fantastic!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication to this fight

Très bonnes même excellentes nouvelles de ce temps là!
Thank You Save the Gatineau River!! ! :o) :o) :o)
And let the ball roll for many more celebrations like these to come! :o)

GREAT NEWS!!! Merci beaucoup pour ton travail acharné. Nous en sommes très reconnaissants. MERCI!!!



A huge hats off to SAVE THE GATINEAU for the invaluable work it has done in mobilizing opposition to the MRC septage project on the Gatineau.

Without support from all sides we would not have achieved the delay that became crucial to the reversal of the MRC decision.


Alain Piché,  FOG/ARG



Courage et victoire pour le groupe Sauvons La Gatineau

Lors des dernières élections, j’ai témoigné d’un courage civilisé et déterminé d’un groupe qui voulait à tout prix se faire entendre. Contrairement à ceux qui disent que ce groupe était des fervents de l’idéologie “pas dans ma cour”, c’est faux.  Il tentait seulement d’avancer et de coopérer avec les instances municipales et provinciales afin de trouver une solution locale sur un dossier qui  heurtait fondamentalement le volet socio- économique de cette belle région. Donc, CHAPEAU… belle victoire! À tout autre groupe( et surtout les jeunes) qui désire revendiquer leurs idées et oui, c’est possible de le faire avec distinction !

Michel Halloran

Candidat, Coalition Avenir Québec,  Gatineau

Élections 2012



Hello everyone,I just wanted to express how happy I was when I heard the news this morning.It shows that to get things done in today society, we have to have a hands on approach. From the first time I went to a council meeting to hear about the Save the Gatineau river, I knew that this project was bigger than just being against a waste plant, it was about protecting what’s valuable to us and to our

surroundings.But I would like to give a pat on the back to everyone who work hard, days on and days out to make this project a success. I promise to continue working with this group and any others who are wiling to take a foot forward to protecting what the Gatineau riding has of such value and beauty. I love this riding because citizen’s are hard working and dedicated to accomplishing any goal in mind. Let this be a message to the municipality’s who laugh at you during those council meetings : this will not be the last time we make a stand for the environment. Next step for me, save the Lac Beamish.

P.S: I cant wait to wear my Save The Gatineau river t-shirt tomorrow at the shore clean up.

Brandon BolducCandidat du Parti Vert du QuébecCirconscription

This is awesome news!! Thank you for all your amazing, hard work!!


Fantastic!! I’d almost lost faith that we could protect anything in the Gatineaus. This is a win for people and planet!


Excellent news! Well done everyone

That is AWESOME! Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work!!!

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of us all!  Very well done.


Once again this is absolutley magnificent news and I still can’t believe that the citizens of La Peche were successful in fighting back these ( well I best not say it ! ) .

Now I can keep my cottage. Once again wonderful news.



A big congratulations to you all for the hard work and great success!!

Hurray! Congratulations to all who have worked so hard on this


……one more congratulatory message to add to the scores you must have received..

You have achieved the impossible!!!  It’s truly amazing….

Enjoy the euphoria..



Way to go Save the Gatineau warriors!  Nicely accomplished!!


I just got the email about the cancellation of the project for the sludge lagoon on the Gatineau and I just wanted to congratulate you and express my happiness! This is such amazing news!

Power to the people!   Best news that I have heard in years.


Many thanks to you wonderful people!!!!!!!!bjb




Fantastic!! I’d almost lost faith that we could protect anything in the Gatineaus. This is a win for people and planet.




Congratulations and thank you all for your energy and hard work.



Thanks for all your hard work!!!


Congratulations!    Another coup for a citizen advocacy group.   This should send a clear message to all municipalities in the Gatineau’s, etc., – don’t mess with the environment because the people won’t just stand by and let it happen.    Enjoy the elation you are feeling – you earned it.

– Coalition for “Save Danford”


Thank ALL of YOU…hard work, dedicated neighbours…= amazing result!!!



you guys did it! thank you for your constant dedication, barking whining talking learning, yelling?:)

wonderful news!


Congratulations! I hope you will take some time to bask in what you have accomplished–it’s amazing! You have made a long-term difference in the life of the Gatineau River…something to take pride in! We will try to be at the Sheep with the kids on Saturday morning to help celebrate. Congrats again!


Hurray! Congratulations to all who have worked so hard on this.


C’est parfait!


This is great news!!!!



Well done to all those that lead the charge…….these kinds of efforts do not happen in the dark. I and my family are very grateful for all of your time, energy and compassion!


Congratulations to your team!

You have done something miraculous and wondrous here!!!

… including restoring in me a sense of hope and trust the capacity of human kind.


Merci, merci, merci… the family is jumping for joy this morning!






Congratulations! Really words aren’t enough.


Thank you for all your help! Congratulations!


Hearty hearty congratulations!



Yayyyyy!!!! Great news!!!!

This is the best news and shows what can be done when people persevere. Congratulations!


I was just thrilled to read the good news.


yay!! congrats to  all who fought so hard to keep our river clean!!



Thank you for your efforts on behalf of us all!  Very well done.



Way to go Save the Gatineau warriors!  Nicely accomplished!!


This is the best news EVER.  Yesterday was my birthday,and this was the piece de resistance birthday present. (Belfast)


A big congratulations to you all for the hard work and great success!!


##################PRE – Cancellation Comments############

First let us thank you for expressing interest in our plight — if you know of any municipal, provincial or federal watchdogs or NGO’s who should know about our situation, please send their contact info to:

Great comments from people who have already signed petition

“A billion dollar class-action lawsuit was launched after the Walkerton tragedy, suing the employees, the PUC, the town of Walkerton, and the government for negligence in the treatment of the water supply. Many things could happen with the operation of the proposed MRC treatment plant, including spills, overflow, contamination of surrounding wells and of the river itself, and accidents involving the huge amount of anticipated trucking traffic, coming and going from the plant on a daily basis. Question: How much liability insurance is carried by the MRC – what limits, what type of coverage, and with which insurers; how much coverage is carried by CIMA+ for their professional liability and with which insurers in the event that CIMA+ is sued for their negligence in project design; and how much liability insurance will be required of all independent contractors involved in the building and operation of the treatment plant, including the trucking firms delivering septic sludge and those removing the solid waste? This is relevant because if insurance is not sufficient, then the MRC, its employees, and the councillors and Mayors, will have to pay any excess or increase taxes to pay for any shortfall, and the employees, councillors and Mayors may also have their personal assets at risk.”

Recently I have been in contact with one of the leading agencies in the UK on environment and waste management. Their advice was that a modern day environmental study was urgently needed prior to any further action. Also whatever system is in place – even the most modern there will inevitably be overflows which could prove disastrous. Only real solution is to have a more expensive but up to date system that has zero liquid outflow to our river. They also pointed out that the Gatineau River South of Farm Point is really better defined as a lake from an environmental standpoint – much more sensitive to build up of pollutants than a fast flowing river.

I’m tired of seeing garbage around me everywhere, it feels really good to know that some people still have a conscience and think about what’s actually important, like a clean and healthy river, instead of a money making dump that won’t be beneficial to anyone in both the long and the short run.
Love what you guys are doing to save the river and environment! Stay strong and don’t give up!!

on-site treatment! make natural seeping beds that also act as “natural ponds or wetlands”

There are modern methods of handling sewage that have a low impact on the environment. This proposal is not acceptable anywhere in this day and age. Certainly not acceptable where it will contaminate a river that has been restored as a result of decades of effort.

You guys are doing amazing!! Thanks so much for fighting, we need to keep this river clean!
I think a modern green sludge plant makes the most sense for our community, our environment and our future
get people involved. it only take 5-10% of a given population for a movement to pass. This is how things have worked in the past half century. gain information about your enemy. know them.
Consider a SECONDARY sewage treatment plant which utilizes microorganisms to decompose sewage effluent. With the greenest and best technology available to us, why not take advantage of it and save this precious river?

Don’t give up!!

Comments and questions below have been included with March 25, 2011 report to MRC and we will expect the MRC to answer these questions in writing:
Major investments in the Wakefield Train would go down the drain … literally
What will be the effect of light pollution on the immediate vicinity and the wildlife in the area
Why not build a modern green sewage treatment facility that we can be proud of
Water Soft Paths. Friends of the Earth has spent the last two years working with the Pembina Valley conservation districts in rural Manitoba… see our website for copy of Developing Water Soft Paths for Canadian Municipalities…
…we are in the process of updating the Guidebook to include waste water. It would makes sense that H20 Des Collines to do the pilot study they have received funding for within their own MRC. If B saw the light he would realize he could be a leader here instead of an @ss

Keep up the good fight…we’re all affected, even the elected officials and their grand/children…don’t they understand that
We have to understand/analyze what kind of impact the dilution of grey waters in the river might have on the environment, as the company CIMA+ seems to consider that the stream’s power will solve any spills
Try for a location mid way in the riding – the truck traffic on the worst part of the road is an additional worry. Also the gas prices rising will affect the viability of the project. Why are you not using the most modern technology?

Why have you not considered using the most ecological process system available for treating sewage
The population is booming in the Outaouais. Why have you not looked at Plasma Gasification for long term almost carbon neutral solutions to all our waste disposal needs; garbage and septic.
We are about to buy property on the Gatineau River and are not happy about this. We consider the Gatineau River an ecological jewel and should be protected at all costs!
Yes, instead of having two different treatment facilities — one in farrelton and one in Chelsea — has anyone considered the idea of having one large co-operative facility in a central location? The larger capacity and larger combined budget may allow better safety and treatment protocols.
To look at newer technologies which exist to that will sustain the health of the river as it exists today and that will meet the newer environmental standards being passed in parliament this year, pending the election.
I am more concerned with the proposed facility and lack of transparency and think these should be addressed by the mayor and council.
14.Close to a river is not a good environmental option; it is like a time bomb; you build the plant away from local streams and rivers; you build it around a constructed wetland, away far from running water
15 This is part of a large body of actions by the current political leaders of this region that indicate complete incompetence in governing the region. —-all seem to be linked into a conspiracy with who knows how many big businesses to turn the region into an industrial wasteland, destroying its beauty and attraction to both new residents and tourists. They are mishandling the development of the region and the only conclusion I can draw from it is that the only reason they could possibly be so obtuse to the obvious value of the land – not to mention the citizen’s wishes and concerns – is that they are pocketing or otherwise benefiting personally in unethical ways. These politicians need to be exposed and brought to justice NOW. If they are let to destroy this land, it won’t matter how large their fine is, it will be too late.

16 Quote from Sustainable Developement website “Ecologically designed sewage systems are a good example of sustainable design. They are energy-efficient, inexpensive, effective and environmentally friendly, and can be applied at any scale, from a single home to a large city. Yet this technology fails to realise the full potential of sewage as a resource. Although sewage contains contaminants, it also holds nutrients that can be used to improve soil fertility, along with the ability to produce natural gas. Technologies such as biogas plants that maximise sewage as an energy and nutrient source need to be developed on a global scale. It’s time that sewage was viewed as a valuable resource, and not just a problem to be treated.”
Consider constructed wetlands as an option. Has the issue of hormones and medications getting into water been brought up?
Publish any technial review completed by CIMA plus of the alternatives.
invent a new economic mode
This is awful behaviour by your council in times when the worlds natural resources are under threat. Stop now, it’s not to late to remember when you were a child what it was like to look at a river…
It seems outrageous that this place of unique beauty could be despoiled in such a cavalier manner.
many of us “drink” the river water and I have always felt confident about this, well maybe not in the future. We live in the flood zone in Wakefield village and “one cannot drill a well , within the flood zone” How will we get drinking water if our beautiful river is polluted with chemicals (human urine is full of them)
Better more transparent reporting on the decision process. A treatment facility that will meet the Quebec standards of the future. Decentralization of septic treatment facilities rather then one giant plant.
This is too important an issue for the council to push through on the premise of a looming deadline. We need to do this properly, with transparency and with the input of the municipality. It is shameful that Mayor Robert Bussiere is ignoring the concerns of the people of La Peche.
Follow the money as to whom is standing to profit from the current proposal. If you can find out who is in the wings waiting to build and profit from the current proposal, you will get a good idea what is really behind this proposal. I would also suggest, if it is not already in the works, to promote the facts of alternate sewage treatment. I, for one, will explore the possibility of installing an incinerator toilet or a composting toilet. Both are very clean options and then we don’t have the sludge to deal with. I am moving to La Peche area in a few months and look forward to joining the progressive move toward more sustainable waste systems.
There has to be other areas not beside the river…try another engineering firm that does not get every contract with the municipality of La Peche, Thank you
27 please, any reliable modern system BUT this one proposed by the out of date engineers!

we have access to worldwide ressources to protect our nature…lets use them and not rush into anything ..
create a team to study cleaner alternatives , check with european communities and lets exchange knowledge..we live in an era where information is out there why not share it..environement issues need to be addressed with informed and absolutely clear choices to prevent spoinling our nature …our life …our water.
I thought we’d been there and done that already – the solution to pollution is not dilution…the effluent should be “polished” in an artificial cattail marsh before entering the Gatineau River. Shameful that Chelsea’s mayor Caryl Green has given her approval of this plan.
Use the facilities that are available already and consider the environmental impact of your decisions.
Turn the waste into fuel pellets as a new source of heating fuel.
Please consider a constructed wetland
it should be easy to be more creative than to keep on poluting precious water supply
Contact the David Suzuki Foundation for support at Good luck!

36 Major investments in the Wakefield Train would go down the drain … litteraly
37 There is a great opportunity here for the MRC des Collines to become the leader and showcase MRC in terms of sewage handling. Instead of one that quickly pursues a knee jerk reaction, one that plans to create a leading model of how to manage Sewage that all other MRC’s will come to visit to see how it has been done. One that will continue to increase the profile of the area for forward thinking and doing things with quality in mind. This is a great opportunity to show the rest of the province how to handle sewage by building a fully interpretive wildlife attracting, and water purifying wetland that will attract more progressive investment to the area, protect our waterfront property values, (tax base) and allow us to continue to be proud of how clean our river is, as we continue to swim and play in it with our children. Please consider the opportunity we have to do the best thing. If any area can afford it we can!38 39Mass protests on-site and at municipal offices; Green Peace; Farley Mowat; David Suzuki; Ellen Page (actor/environment activist; native groups (Manawaki and Golden Lake); Quebec celebs, esp. actors and musicians; Black Sheep musical alumni – all the musicians who have visited and loved the river;
40 This river is a jewel. The pristine quality of the water must be preserved by proper planning, research, use of existing facilities to the max, without any damage to the river and it’s quality.We should be striving to improve the quality of this river and all rivers. This treatment plant is not a forward thinking idea which is what the world needs now more than ever as unthinking governments continue to make poor decisions based on saving money when in the long run, these decisions create a huge cost. What we spend now will save us money in the future. We cannot afford to damage this river or any river.
41 Please come up with a more environmentally sound solution. It is false economy to only consider what will cost the least in the short term. The costs to the environment should be considered as well, and these have ramifications in many areas, including human health, tourism, etc. etc.
42 Avez-vous travailler avec les communautés algonquines des environs?
43 There must be a more enviromental friendly way to do this!
44use new technology … a little research in this would be of huge benefit to all.