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Municipal office:
Municipality of LaPeche
Jacqueline Lambert-Madore
1, route Principale Ouest
La Pêche (Québec) J0X 2W0
Phone : (819) 456-2161
Fax (819) 456-4534Home Office:
Ward 5
Jacqueline Lambert-Madore
37, chemin des Mûres
La Pêche (Québec) J0X 1A0RE: MRC des Collines Sludge Plant

To Jacqueline Lambert-Madore

As ratepayers in your jurisdiction within LaPeche we have heard from many sources that you support the idea of the MRC’s septic sludge plant being located in Farrellton and that you in fact ‘volunteered’ that site for use as a sludge plant with a motion to the LaPeche Council in 2009. We are surprised if this is true, because we do not recall you holding a town hall meeting to ask your constituents’ views on such a major issue.

Please reconsider your support for this plant. You must already know that there is no urgency to concentrate all MRC sludge in one place because Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette and Ange-Gardien are on record as stating that their sludge will continue to be shipped to the Epersol Facility in Chenierville while the Municipality of Pontiac will have enough excess capacity at their Quyon Plant in June 2012 to treat their own sludge and take the sludge from at least 3 more municipalities within the MRC (according to Pontiac Mayor Eddie McCann who made this claim in front of several citizens including Lucy Scholey: reporter for the Low Down).

Let us remind you that the MRC septic waste is currently being treated adequately at pre-existing facilities at no cost to the MRC des Collines. We also think you should consider what this proposed plant will do to the water quality of the Gatineau River. On March 15, 2011 a scientist presented some slides to the Public Hearing in Masham examining the flow rates of the river to start and found the following:
According to the report from CIMA+ (upon which the MRC is basing it’s decision to proceed with lagoon technology) the starting volume of effluent will be between 200 and 300 cubic meters per day during the spring, summer and fall months. This volume will increase by about 50% over the next 20 years given the region’s average population increase of 2% per year. Even now, the river does not have enough capacity or flow to dilute this effluent to the specified dilution level of 1:100,000 during the dry summer and fall months in most years. It will only get worse. This submission and all others can be found on the MRC website.

We have also learned that you and members of your council are widely proclaiming that this regional treatment plant will somehow clean up groundwater and lake water.

As an elected official who represents the people who will be most directly impacted by this plant let us remind you; we do not need this plant in Farrellton in order to halt septic tank pollution of groundwater and lakes. In fact, these two issues (pumping and the plant itself) are unrelated. Mandatory pumping and moving all this sludge into lagoons at Farrellton will NOT stop defective tanks from leaking into lakes and groundwater. Only Mandatory Inspection and repair of defective septic systems will achieve improved lake and groundwater quality. Inspections could be conducted by existing private septic tank trucking firms provided they were supplied with good camera equipment and a suitable mandate for reporting their findings.

We should be developing the river and the valley as a tourist mecca and agricultural showcase for tourists from Montreal, Ottawa and the international convention community that meet at the new Conference Centre in Ottawa and the Lac Leamy Casino Complex.That would ensure sustainable economic development which will respect the quality of life of your constituents. I hope that you will cease and desist from telling people that ‘everyone supports this plant except for some people along the river.” If you checked with residents in Farrellton, Alcove and in areas away from the river too, you will find virtually 100% opposition. When was the last time 120 people came out to a municipal meeting in Farrellton? You should take a lesson from that turnout and from the fact that Mayor Bussiere ‘made a mistake??’ when he twice repeated that the two potential septic sludge plant sites had been ‘taken off the table’ and you even promised a questioner that you’d make sure the links to the motion where both sites were taken off the table would be made available on the website. Either you believed the sites had been ‘taken off the table’ – in which case your constituents could rejoice; or you knew they hadn’t been taken off the table but went ahead and promised that the links would be put on the website for general review knowing full well that the public in front of you, your constituents, were being misled.

There is still time to take a stand and represent the majority of your constituents.

We are counting on you.



Dear Mayor Bussiere,


I am writing too you as a homeowner, taxpayer and a recent citizen of Quebec.


I have been extremely disappointed as a property owner along the Gatineau River at the complete lack of information dissemination and public communication regarding the proposed septic waste treatment facility.


I am surprised that there was not a mail out to property owners or an article in the LaPeche newsletter regarding this project.  Why was there not an information session outlining various options that were being considered and locations.  Will there be a referendum for this project so that residents will have an opportunity to vote for the option and location that they prefer?  This would seem to be a necessary part of a democratic process.  The optics of your council here seems to be hoping to move things along quickly so that there is little opportunity for public questions or resistance.


Hopefully the reoccurring errors like the one that  occurred at the November council meeting regarding the abandoning of the project that suddenly turned into postponing the project until June will stop right away.  And that the taxpayers will be given the opportunity to see the options and locations that are being considered prior to project approval.


As a new resident of Quebec I do expect transparency and democratic process tob e prioritites of your municipal council and all of the projects that LaPeche engages in.




Stephanie Vallee MNA
124 av. Gatineau
Gatineau QC J8T 4J6

RE: MRC des Collines Sludge Treatment Plant

We are writing you again to ask that you intervene with the MRC des Collines, and particularly its Prefect, Robert Bussiers to ensure that LaPEceh and MRC tax payers’s rights to sound environmental protection , and wise use of our dollars are respected.

Given that at least 3 out of 7 municipalities of the MRC- ie. Pontiac, Notre-Dame-de-La-Sallette and Ange-Gardien will NOT be using the proposed sludge lagoons, and that existing or soon to be built sludge/sewage treatment plants exist at Fort Colonge, Cheneville and Quyon: there is no justification for the MRC to spend thousands of our tax dollars on further planning and pseudo-consultations in regards these redundant sludge lagoons.

We would like to see the Province and MRC promote the Gatineau River Valley as a tourism and agro-gastronomical l mecca. We are just 50 KM from Ottawa/Gatineau – with it’s combined regional population of over 1million people. We beg you to use all the power and influence of your position to stop the MRC’s plan to irreversibly damage the Gatineau River.

No matter what anyone says, there is NO WAY the river will be made cleaner by trucking and dumping septic sludge effluent from Buckingham, Breckenridge and Masham into the Gatineau River.




( )

PLEASE SEND TO: (Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food )

PLEASE CC:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation

200, chemin Sainte-Foy 12e étage

Québec (Quebec) G1R 4X6

Telephone: 418 380-2525


Dear Minister Pierre Corbeil,

I am writing to you today to warn you that our MRC des Collines along with our council of Mayors is preparing to force through a highly unpopular septic sewage lagoon treatment centre along the banks of the Gatineau River on land currently zoned for Agriculture.

Despite promises to reconsider the technology and the site selection process for the proposed sewage lagoon treatment centre, the Maire de La Pêche et Préfet Monsieur Robert Bussière went ahead with a motion to release funds to a consultant to begin the de-zoning process on these agricultural lands on April 21, 2011 at the MRC des Collines / Council of Mayors meeting and was only stopped by the active interjection of the public.

Agenda item:

9. Projet de centre régional de traitement des boues de fosses septiques – Demande d’autorisation auprès de la Commision de protection du territoire agricole du Québec (CPTAQ) – Mandat à la firme Fahey et associés.

Read eye witness report including copy of email from the MRC reassuring the public no decisions would be
made regarding the septic treatment plant at the April 21st, 2011 MRC meeting and a front page article in local
newspaper the Low Down April 28, 2011 : Where the reporter states in part:

“If passed, the resolution would allow the law firm Fahey and Associates to ask the provincial commission that protects agricultural land (CPTAQ) to use the two sites proposed for the treatment plant.”

The public want to be sure that the Department of Agriculture knows how deeply divisive and unpopular this current proposal is to our community and to know that we’ve been marching by the 100’s on a regular basis demanding that our Mayors halt the current process and find more environmentally friendly ways of treating our septage – way’s that do not include putting effluent in the river nor despoiling agricultural land.

Thank you in advance for your concern for our agricultural land and the well being of the environment.



For more information please visit

Sample letter to Quebec Minister of Municipal Affairs


Mr. Laurent Lessard
Ministre des Affaires municipales, des Régions et de l’Occupation du territoire
10, rue Pierre-Olivier-Chauveau
Québec (Québec) G1R 4J3

Téléphone : 418 691-2050
Télécopieur : 418 643-1795

Dear Mr Lessard.

I am writing to focus your attention on a very disturbing situation that is rapidly unfolding in the MRC des Collines related to the establishment of a regional septic waste treatment plant. From the time this project was first discovered by residents in the local newspaper in late 2009 (which is how we found out about it), to the present, the MRC Mayors have demonstrated a lack of transparency and a disregard of public input into this very important regional project. As a result, the project is proceeding based on flawed and incomplete research, and ultimately threatens to serously damage the Gatineau River as well as the reputation of the Gatineau River as a pristine beautiful waterway. I am hoping that you, as Minister of Municipal Affairs, will intervene to ensure that our municipal politicians are held accountable to the electorate and listen to the reasoned calls for more research, a better technology and a solution to the septic waste treatment situation that will be the best socially, economically and environmentally for our region.

In 2009, La Peche council voted to provide two sites within its borders as potential locations for the MRC des Collines regional septic waste treatment plant. After La Peche council admitted to citizens that these two sites were chosen without scientific basis, they were removed from the preselected list (or so we were told). A contract that had been issued to CIMA+ to assess the two sites was amended to include new steps such as a septic waste quantities analysis, a technologies analysis and an MRC-wide site selection process, as well as public consultation. The first public consultation yielded many informed submissions, including one from the Friends of the Gatineau River and the Ottawa Riverkeeper. CIMA+ was criticized for not thoroughly researching technology options and for not properly understanding the septic waste quantities of the MRC given that there is no MRC-wide septic pumping and inspection program that would allow for an accurate measure of waste, and given that there hasn’t even been a decision yet by 5 of the Municipalities as to whether or not they will enforce mandatory septic tank pumpouts, and if they do whether it will be on a 2-year or 3-year cycle. The technology proposed was criticised for not meeting upcoming federal standards, and the threat to the Gatineau River of continuing on the path suggested by CIMA+ was made very clear.

The input was virtually ignored, and the consultation report and technology were voted on and accepted at the same council meeting in August 2010. In February of this year, two sites were unveiled by the MRC mayors as the sites that will be further assessed. Both sites are in LaPeche along the Gatineau River, a mere 5 km from each other – this, despite supposedly considering the entire vast MRC. In addition, one of the sites – Echo Dale Road – is the exact same as one that was originally quite randomly selected. And both sites are at the extreme north border of the MRC, far from such municipalities as l’Ange Gardien and the Pontiac.

It is very clear that there are reasons unknown to us for why Echo Dale Road continues to be identified. It is also very clear that the environmental impact on the Gatineau River of building a septic waste treatment plant along its banks using outdated technology will be very grave.

At this meeting it was also revealed that council itself was unaware that one of the municipalities, the Pontiac, was not intending to use this regional plant but would rather build and use their own plant. This situation was not at all part of the research and analysis performed by CIMA+, resulting in a flawed project based on incorrect data. It even brings into question the competency of CIMA+ in conducting this study, as surely this should have been uncovered in their research.

Recently (Tuesday March 15, 2011)  the second public consultation was held. Over 300 citizens attended, and over 30 people including scientists, engineers, farmers, artists and business people presented very carefully worded submissions and questions. Flaws in the report were pointed out, including: the lack of data about the actual flow of the Gatineau River; a mathematical error in the report; a site that was selected randomly without application of the criteria; and missing information concerning a technical analysis of sites that had been considered in the past.

My question for you is, for the sake of the environment and the future of the Gatineau River, could the province now intervene in this project?  We are concerned that this project is being championed by our Mayors for reasons we have not yet understood and feel that this project as it stands should be turned over to a provincial body – rather than resting in the hands of overburdened municipal politicians who are better able to deal with pressing local concerns rather than such large-scale regional projects – one that is more capable of handling such an important task as building a regional septic waste treatment plant.  There are many options that would be more responsible and the first one is to ask that the MRC work with the City of Gatineau to create a state-of-the-art septic waste treatment plant for both the MRC des Collines and the City of Gatineau that would not threaten one of the jewels of Quebec, the Gatineau River.

And for those of you finding out about this issue for the first time, please review the media link at


Sincerely looking forward to your reply,

Your name

CC:Save the Gatineau
Nicole Ménard,Provincial Tourism Minister
Peter Kent, Federal Environment Minister
Stéphanie Vallée, MAN, Députée de Gatineau (Liberal)
Pierre Arcand, Ministre du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs
Honorable Laurent Lessard, Minister of Municipal Affairs/Ministre des affaires municipales, des régions et de l’occupation du territoire
Mayor Harris
Mayor Green
Mayor Lafreniere
Mayor McCann
Mayor Goulet,
Pauline Marois; Leader of the Official Opposition
Line Beauchamp; Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports
Yves Bolduc; Minister of Health and Social Services
Pierre Corbeil; Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
Clément Gignac; Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation
Sam Hamad; Ministère des Transports
Yolande James, Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés
Geoffrey Kelley; Cabinet du ministre responsable des Affaires autochtones
Norman MacMillan; Minister for transport: Minister responsible for the Outaouais region since December 18, 2008
Nathalie Normandeau; Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife
Serge Simard, Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Wildlife
Dominique Vien; Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux
W1 Conseiller Jocelyne Régina Ménard
W2 Conseiller Michel Gervais
W3 Conseiller Christian Blais
W4 Conseiller Jean-Paul Brisebois
W5 Conseiller Jacqueline Lambert-Madore
W6 Conseiller Louis Rompré
W7 Conseiller Yves Doyon