Gatineau River Protection VICTORY!!
Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau

Roy Dupuis, le président de la Fondation Rivières announces his adoption of the Gatineau River

Aug 1, 2012 - Canadian Wildlife Federation Video Contest WINNER: - Official Submission from "Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau"

Read Roy Dupuis' letter of support to the Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau team: Click for letter

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Kazabazua Septic Sludge Plant overflowing with “humanure” Spring 2012

Kazabazua, QC April 2012  ~  Septic sludge treatment plant (upstream from Wakefield)

Note the large piles of ‘humanure / biosolids’  a.k.a. “compost” sitting directly on the ground beside the concrete lagoon.

This dry byproduct of the septic sludge treatment process is intended to be spread on farmers’ fields.  Evidently nobody wants it or it‘s not fit to use.

The volumes of ‘humanure’ generated have completely overwhelmed the engineered concrete pads meant to keep it from leaching into the groundwater.  This plant is less than 7 years old. It is unable to get rid of the ‘humanure’ produced although originally it was touted as a beneficial byproduct.  Despite glaring shortcomings this is the ‘model’ upon which the proposed Farrellton plant is based… in no small part because the engineering firm who recommended this ‘plant’ has ‘experience’ with similar installations.


So the simple question is: “Why would the MRC des Collines not scrap their current plans and call into question the professional recommendations that would end up with a similar but much larger problem in Farrellton? “

The harder question is:  “When will we realize that the world is running out of safe, affordable drinking water, in large part because of short-sighted municipal and industrial projects which do not take into account the impact of  ‘fast and dirty decisions’ on future generations?”









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