Gatineau River Protection VICTORY!!
Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau

Roy Dupuis, le président de la Fondation Rivières announces his adoption of the Gatineau River

Aug 1, 2012 - Canadian Wildlife Federation Video Contest WINNER: - Official Submission from "Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau"

Read Roy Dupuis' letter of support to the Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau team: Click for letter

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#savethegatineau photo contest gallery, 2012

Background – – the contest was so successful IT’S NEVER GOING TO END!!
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Raising awareness of our River through photosharing.Its pretty simple really. Click. Post. Share. Geotag. Like. Share some more.

• Beginning today, post a photo to Instagram or the Save the Gatineau Facebook page, that best represents what The Gatineau River means to you and tag it #savethegatineau. Tweet your pic to @savethegatineau.The number of LIKES to your photos(s) will be tracked to select the winners. Photos will be posted to our Facebook page and on display at our upcoming benefit concert March 25 at The Black Sheep in in Wakefield, featuring Gerry Wall and the Eastend. First prize two tickets to the sold out show at Montreal’s Metropolis to see Snow Patrol, April 16. Second prize, tickets to the show at the Sheep March 25. You’ll get a big shout out. And keep a beautiful, clean river.

We’d love to see your new and archived shots. All natural or edited. With your friends or simply solo. All times of the day and year. No limit to the number of photos you can submit. Let the love flow.

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