Gatineau River Protection VICTORY!!
Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau

Roy Dupuis, le président de la Fondation Rivières announces his adoption of the Gatineau River

Aug 1, 2012 - Canadian Wildlife Federation Video Contest WINNER: - Official Submission from "Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau"

Read Roy Dupuis' letter of support to the Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau team: Click for letter

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Justin Trudeau signs “Save the Gatineau” petition
The MRC des Collines hired a second engineering firm to review the recommendations of the first engineering firm but did not officially name the future site of the septic sludge lagoons at the MRC meeting October 20, 2011.You can almost guess that the second firm will confirm the findings of the first engineering firm thereby emboldening the MRC to proceed with their plan to de-zone agricultural land in Farrellton for the sludge lagoons in the next month or two.Read second engineering report (French) here: – will take 10 seconds to load)Even if you don’t read any engineering reports you can be absolutely sure of this: the Gatineau River will never be as clean as it is right now. There is no possible way that adding 1000s and 1000s of tonnes of ‘treated effluent’ a year to the river for AT LEAST 40 YEARS can ever make it cleaner.To read about the persistent chemicals and toxins that will end up in the river, read this report written by a local scientist: now for some Good NEWS:

You may recall that in September 2011 Roy Dupuis, President of Fondation Rivières sent a letter of support to the “Save the Gatineau/Sauvons la Gatineau” movement and called for a solution that would protect the environmental integrity of the Gatineau River.  In April 2012 Roy Dupuis officially adopted the Gatineau River YouTube video and provincial level river protection agencies are taking notice.


Justin Trudeau was also made aware of our campaign and agreed to sign the petition and be photographed with our petition postcard too. Thanks to Cindy Duncan-McMillan for briefing Justin about the situation and for doing everything she can to protect the water quality in the Gatineau River. (Photo is in our Facebook gallery)

Going Forward:

Many people are preparing for the Agricultural Commission to oppose the de-zoning of these agricultural lands and we are cautiously optimistic that we can stop the Ministry of Agriculture from approving the de-zoning.

If you are interested in helping in any way please reply to this email and we’ll definitely find something for you to do!

PS – if you’re one of the many, many people who already contacted the Agriculture Minister, we’ll be sending you a separate follow up email shortly.


  • MRC will name Farrellton site of future site
  • MRC will have to buy or expropriate farmland
  • MRC will have to apply for ‘de-zoning’ with Ministry of Agriculture
  • MRC will have to specify exact Technology (probably lagoons)
  • MRC will have to raise money for this project
  • MRC will have to start a tender process to get project built

REMEMBER: The Gatineau river is part of our collective heritage and we have a duty to preserve for generations to come.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing encouragement and kind words. This river is lucky to have friends like you.

BOTTOM LINE: We can and will stop any plan to ‘de-zone’ agricultural land and drain ‘treated effluent’ into our beloved Gatineau River.

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