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Roy Dupuis, le président de la Fondation Rivières announces his adoption of the Gatineau River

Aug 1, 2012 - Canadian Wildlife Federation Video Contest WINNER: - Official Submission from "Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau"

Read Roy Dupuis' letter of support to the Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau team: Click for letter

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Québec Icon Roy Dupuis wades into troubling Gatineau River septic sludge problem within National Capital Area.

Québec Icon Roy Dupuis wades into troubling Gatineau River septic sludge problem within National Capital Area.

Wakefield, Quebec, September 13, 2011 – Fondation Rivières President Mr. Roy Dupuis issued a letter in early September, 2011 supporting volunteer Movement: “Save the Gatineau / Sauvons la Gatineau” in their efforts to stop the flawed MRC des Collines plan to build multi-million dollars septic sewage treatment lagoons 30 minutes north of Ottawa/Gatineau.  Despite ongoing widespread opposition and the presence of many socially and environmentally responsible alternatives, the MRC still backs the construction of a huge facility to treat the septic sludge from 46,000 people in the heart of farmland on sites currently zoned for agriculture. Indeed the Municipality of LaPeche where both potential sites are situated has less than 8,000 permanent residents and both potential sites are currently zoned for agricultural use.

Despite claims to the contrary, the Council of Mayors for the MRC have already accepted an engineering report recommending the lagoon based treatment technology which is designed to drain 1000s of tonnes of treated effluent into the Gatineau River each week during the prime spring and summer months. Citizens were given less than 30 days notice to attend a public hearing regarding the selection of these sites and citizens are still waiting for answers to many questions raised at that hearing March 15th, 2011.(ed. answers supplied late September, 2011) For these and other reasons Mr. Dupuis calls for improved transparency and citizen engagement in technology and site selection. “I would like to acknowledge the support of the Fondation Rivières in your efforts to obtain from the MRC… a transparent and democratic process which analyzes all the possibilities for treatment of septic sludge”.
“The addition of Mr. Dupuis’ voice to the cause is a huge morale booster for volunteers who are increasingly shocked by how little value politicians at all levels seem to place on protecting non-contaminated drinking water sources and pristine eco-systems such as the Gatineau River watershed,“ says spokesperson Wanda Gibson.
Citizens remain concerned about the quality of the research upon which the MRC relies for its decision and hope MRC Prefect M. Robert Bussière was genuine, and not a simply engaging in a public relations tactic, when he proclaimed at a recent LaPeche Council meeting and to the local press that all locations and technologies are now open for re-examination. Despite his verbal assurances, however, no concrete reports have emanated from the MRC this summer regarding alternative sites or technologies leading citizens to worry that the MRC is still determined to forge ahead with their original plans to build septic sludge lagoons at Farrellton, QC., and therefore they feel the continued need to remain vigilant.

The MRC holds a public meeting on Thursday September 15, 2011 at 7pm at 216 Old Chelsea Road, Chelsea Quebec where delegates from river protection groups including Save the Gatineau, Friends of the Gatineau (FOG) Citizens for the Protection of the Gatineau and Fondation Rivières will continue to pressure the Council of Mayors of the MRC des Collines to cancel their current septic sludge treatment plans and start a new and inclusive process where all alternative technologies and sites are adequately and democratically analyzed.

With the aim of halting the current plans “Citizens for the Protection of the Gatineau Inc.”, another active and local citizens’ group, recently sent a hard hitting submission to M. Pierre Arcand, Minister of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Parks, calling for the current plan to be canceled and revisit for instance the Ville de Gatineau processing of MRC des Collines septic sludge, halted since Dec. 31, 2010.
See full report:
Local groups will also welcome representatives from Fondation Rivières in Wakefield Sunday September 25, 2011 at 9:30 am to celebrate UN World Rivers Day in conjunction with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup event starting with a shoreline cleanup and ending up at 11:30am with a BBQ at the legendary blacksheep inn followed by a panel discussion with many river advocates in attendance.
Fondation Rivières, Philippe Tousignant,

Sauvons la Gatineau / Save the Gatineau, Wanda Gibson,
TRANSLATION: (copy of original follows)

“Fondation Rivières is concerned about the construction of a treatment center for septic sludge in Farrellton, and the treated water which would be discharged into the Gatineau River.

We have reviewed diverse information concerning this issue, including several reports from scientific sources and private citizens. I would like to acknowledge the support of the Fondation Rivières in your efforts to obtain from the MRC:

– a transparent and democratic process which analyses all the possibilities for treatment of septic sludge;

– a public consultation;

– the selection of an environmentally and socially responsibleproject, including an evaluation of all proposed solutions;

– the preservation and enhancement of the Gatineau River to ensure water quality and accessibility,

– and the creation of rapport between the municipalities and the public.

Rest assured of the collaboration of Fondation Rivières in your actions,

Roy Dupuis President

President Roy Dupuis speaks about his role as President of Fondation Rivieres in the following video and raises questions about the need to keep damming rivers without looking at the alternatives. “People must organize”

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