Go to the internet when the main conversation among social media practitioners is effective use of the world’s leading social media platform and you will see numerous links being provided by proactive Instagram entrepreneurs. These links’ contents contain user-friendly lists on best practices to get more Instagram followers onto your platform. The lists of suggestions put forward are, however, quite numerous.

You won’t be using all of them. There is just no way that you would be able to utilize all of the tips provided. What you can always do is take a brief look at all the suggestions being put forward. Do a little speed reading if you are pressed for time. But do try and make some notes along the way, particularly when anything of interest strikes you of use or value to your business or personal pet project.

All you really need is a handful of basic tasks to help you forward towards gaining more followers to your platform. But in order to be successful in this workmanlike venture, you will need to be consistent with your work schedule. Speaking of which, here is the first of six tasks being presented to you. These half a dozen eggs are here to give you an impression of the important work that lies ahead for you.

And you need not fret. The work is not hard. Over time, you will get used to the schedule. Hard work never killed anyone. And in any case, with the tools that Instagram have handed to you on a platter, you will be able to place yourself in a good position to simply work smartly. You could end up shortening your social media hours and achieving more in terms of high productivity levels and results, among which would be more followers on your Instagram platform.

But the work gets done, and the results are achieved if you plan your work accordingly. That being said, always schedule your work time on your platform. Plan ahead, say for the next couple of weeks. Other tasks to immerse yourself in (the remaining five in this article) include amending your account’s profile, purchasing followers, maintaining a regular posting regime and practising social media life as an active follower.

Because changes will occur to both platform (in terms of theme, subject criteria, service orientation, whatever the case may be), you will need to keep your profile page accurately up to date and alleviate any inconsistencies which could confuse or concern potential followers. When you purchase followers, you are merely doing so as a form of contingency. This ties you over during lean weeks when, due to market factors, previously good levels of followers tend to taper off dramatically. In this game, regular posting work is a must because this is what your active followers will be looking out for.

They also look forward to your positive and persuasive voice throughout, and would not mind it much if you reciprocate their support for you by following at least some of their own posts.